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Oct 2015 SW Climate Podcast - Monsoon Recap | CLIMAS


Oct 2015 SW Climate Podcast - Monsoon Recap

Oct 2015 SW Climate Podcast - Monsoon Recap

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

In this episode of The Southwest Climate Podcast, Mike Crimmins & Zack Guido recap the 2015 monsoon, (and revisit some of their predictions from earlier this summer).

  • In part 1, they give a quick overview of the monsoon, before taking a closer look at the month by month progression, to track the overall season for what stood out (and what was underwhelming).  
  • In part 2, they talk about nuances associated with the monsoon, including the impacts of El Niño, and eastern pacific tropical storm activity.  
  • They conclude with a discussion of the variable nature of  the monsoon, and what makes this such an exciting place to live as we watch the season unfold.

The Southwest Climate Podcast is a production of CLIMAS - Climate Assessment for the Southwest.  CLIMAS is part of the NOAA Regional Integrated Science and Assessment program, and is focused on climate research, communication, and outreach in Arizona & New Mexico, and is housed at the University of Arizona Institute of the EnvironmentMike Crimmins is a principle investigator with CLIMAS, a professor of Soil, Water and Environmental Science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and climate extension specialist with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension.  Zack Guido is a research scientist with the Institute of the Environment and UA program manager of the International Research and Applications Program (IRAP).  The podcast is edited and produced by Ben McMahan; Research, Outreach, and Assessment Specialist with CLIMAS. ​