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Zack Guido | CLIMAS

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Program Manager - Univ. of AZ International Research and Application Program (IRAP)

Zack joined CLIMAS in April 2008 as a research associate. Zack helps improve the use of and access to climate information for decision makers in the Southwest by leading the monthly publication of the Southwest Climate Outlook and the La Niña Drought Tracker, e-publications that highlight climate information important to people in the Southwest. Zack also helps CLIMAS respond to quick-turnaround, stakeholder-driven projects that include investigating climate and groundwater connections and assessing the regional needs for climate training.

Zack’s professional interests focus on effectively communicating science and helping impoverished communities in developing countries become less vulnerable to climate change. To accomplish this, Zack draws on his Masters degree in Geology from the University of Colorado and his professional consulting background in hydrogeology and water resource planning. Zack also has worked for more than eight years in rural water development in Bolivia, South America, and he co-founded a non-profit organization that helps rural communities in the Bolivian Andes obtain clean water and be resilient to climate-driven changes in water supplies.