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El Niño 2015-2016 : Wildland Fire Season in Arizona?

Jeremy Weiss, Michael Crimmins, Gregg Garfin, Paul Brown - May 2016

Unexpected below-average precipitation over the past six months has allowed grasses, leaves, twigs, and shrubs to dry out. These desiccated fine fuels have heightened wildland fire danger in the state, despite relatively favorable temperature, humidity, and wind in recent weeks. Widespread critical conditions for wildland fire are anticipated in June. (read more)

Will El Niño Affect Snowfall in Arizona’s Highcountry?

Jeremy Weiss, Michael Crimmins, Gregg Garfin, Paul Brown - Mar 2016

Although snow depth and snow water equivalent usually are above average in February, March, and April during strong El Niño events, they may vary from near zero to record-high levels. (read more)

Did our Fall weather match (El Niño) climate predictions?

Michael Crimmins - Jan 2016

El Niño conditions have been in place for months, but has this El Niño event affected the weather of the Southwest in ways that are expected? Sort of, but not exactly. (read more)

El Niño and Media Coverage

Gigi Owen - Dec 2015

A sample of media stories written during the last 33 years that connect regional impacts to the El Niño phase of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). (read more)