Visualization and Analysis Tools for the North American Monsoon - Integrating Citizen Science Data and Observations

Project Dates

Monsoon precipitation is difficult to forecast and analyze. Daily and seasonal precipitation are commonly used, but other sources of data, such as citizen science monitoring, could be integrated into a higher resolution and more accurate monsoon assessment framework. Tucson has dozens of observations collected by these networks, along with datasets based on radar and weather models. A central monsoon data repository would form a dense network of observations, facilitate innovative visualizations, and offer an unparalleled high-resolution view of regional precipitation patterns. This project is testing a process to combine southwestern data networks into an integrated monsoon assessment database and data visualization platform.

The Monsoon Viewer shows current monsoon precipitation patterns, based on specific requests from National Weather Service as well as other emergency management stakeholders. They want next day decision support tools for post-event management – researchers designed the viewer with this application in mind. We are exploring a real-time use for the dataset, but the focus is on short term post-event recovery and management.

The Southwest U.S. Summer Monsoon Season Precipitation Mapping Tool. This mapping tool is a near real-time monsoon season precipitation mapping system developed in May 2019.….

Monsoon Season Station Summaries can be found at this link:

Both of these tools were recently added to the National Weather Service’s Tracking the Monsoon webpage: