Decision Support Tools: CLIDDSS, FET, DDIT, Paleo Toolkit, and Others

Project Dates

Barriers to the use of climate information can be met with innovative tools that offer users the ability to perform custom­ized analyses. This project works to develop such tools, with a commitment to ongoing user engagement and adaptation of the tools. In addition, tools that have proved successful in regional applications may be usefully extended to new regions. Rather than simply transfer the software, we develop partner capacities to implement collaborative software development protocols and processes. Tools developed, maintained, or extended under this project include the Climate Information Delivery and Decision Support System (CLIDDSS), the Forecast Evaluation Tool (FET), the Dynamic Drought Index Tool (DDIT) developed by Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments (CISA), AgroClimate developed by the Southeast Climate Consortium (SECC), and the PaleoToolKit developed in conjunction with the Western Water Assessment (WWA) and CLIMAS-affiliated researchers. For more on each of these products, visit the Tools page.