Southwest Climate Update - May 1, 2015


We're introducing a new podcast series that focuses on quick and timely reporting on important climate news and information. We will emphasize stories that relate to the southwest, but we'll also include other climate related news that illustrate the impact of climate on national or global scales. And Mike, Zack, and Ben will still take a deeper look at southwestern climate issues in the monthly CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast. This episode, we're focused on record warm temperatures, drought, and snowpack across the west, along with a few stories that illustrate the downstream impact of these conditions.

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Image & Story Credits - Podcast & Blog Post

2014 and 2015 Record Temperatures

State of the Drought

Bark Beetles, Tree Stress, and Climate Change

Record Low Snowpack Across the West

Snowpack, Drought, & Energy

Climate Change, Temperature & Precipitation Records, and Pollen

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