Sept 2022 Southwest Climate Podcast - The Case for 2022 as a Generational Monsoon


In the September episode of the Southwest Climate Podcast, Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido catch up on where the monsoon ranks through August, and what September might bring (and how that might affect those rankings). After a tour of regional stats and how various parts of the Southwest are faring with the monsoon, Zack and Mike take a deeper dive into some comparisons with previous monsoon years, to see where 2022 stacks up, and how one might go about identifying the top 3-4 monsoons, based on coverage, intensity, and how sustained the precipitation was in that year. They wrap with a quick discussion of monsoon fantasy and what the forecasts hint at for the rest of September and into Fall.

If you want to play along and rank your top 3-4 monsoons, Mike's maps of past monsoon years and the NWS Tucson Monsoon Tracker are great resources to take a closer look at spatial coverage and station records and ranks.

New UA Coop Extension Bulletin "Guide to Southwest US Station Climate Summaries" and find the summaries here

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