July 2019 Southwest Climate Podcast - Monsoon MiniPod - The Pesky Trough Edition


Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido are back "early" (unlike the monsoon) for a special mini-podcast focused on the onset of the monsoon. They discuss some of the recent conditions and how they almost saw rain last week (or did, if you were in Vail, AZ or parts of NM), and consider 1) Has the monsoon started? 2) Why/Why-not? and 3) What data helps inform a perspective on monsoon onset (along with what this might mean for the rest of the season). This doesn't include monthly recaps or other regional overviews and information, and is meant to capture some of the week-to-week changes in the monsoon based on what is happening (or is not happening). They'll be back with the typical monthly podcast whenever summer schedules bring everyone into the same room.

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