Jan 2015 SW Climate Podcast: 2014 Year in Review, and Stuck in El Limbo


In the January Southwest Climate Podcast, Zack Guido is back and joins Mike Crimmins to discuss the state of the climate in 2014, including the record year for Arizona and the near record year for New Mexico. They also talk about weather systems that affected our most recent temperature and precipitation patterns, the ongoing uncertainty with El Niño, or as some have started referring to it, "El Limbo", and the state of precipitation and drought in the southwest. They wrap things up looking at the seasonal outlooks and the projected trends for the coming year.

Intro 0:00
Climate Summary: Temperature and Precipitation, weak and spotty storms in December and January 1:50
Winter Storms: Water storage and winter precipitation patterns 8:00
Weather vs. Climate: Weather variability vs. Climate patterns, "El Limbo", and winter precip patterns given these trends 13:00
2014 Record Year: 2014 Temperature Records Recap 22:00
Precip and Drought: Winter patterns and drought - how much moisture "solves" the drought 24:00
Looking Forward: Jetstreams & Winter Weather Patterns + Seasonal Forecasts 27:30

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CLIMAS: Climate Assessment for the Southwest, (2015). 2014 Year in Review, and Stuck in El Limbo . [podcast] CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast. Available at: climas.arizona.edu/podcast/jan-2015-sw-climate-podcast-2014-year-review-and-stuck-el-limbo [Date Accessed]

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