Aug 2020 Southwest Climate Podcast - June-Soon? Tracking Monsoon 2020 or Lack Thereof


In the August 2020 edition of the CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast, Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido sit down to discuss "what is going on with monsoon 2020?!" This includes a review of different locations around the U.S. Southwest, where some locales are just barely hitting long-term averages, while others are running at record or near-record driest levels (so far). They also cover some of the factors driving these patterns, what we might expect in the 2nd half of the monsoon, and where this ranks in terms of the regional precipitation records (and unmet expectations). They wrap with a discussion of the monsoon game, which is fun despite the relatively dry conditions - especially for those that leaned on the dry side of their guesses in Arizona. The results for July are posted below, and congrats to Doug D on topping the July leaderboard.

We also finally have some podcast gear (shirts and mugs). You can order them at We set the prices at wholesale cost, so we don't make any money off sales, but if you are interested in showing your support - or enjoying the (lack of a) monsoon in style, this is one way to do so. Mike's and Zack's orders both arrived, and they can vouch for the quality of the shirts and the printing.

july heatmap
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