The University of Arizona

Gigi Owen | CLIMAS

Assistant Staff Scientist, Climate Assessment for the Southwest

Gigi joined the CLIMAS staff in July 2008 as the program's social scientist. Her research interests, while topically and geographically varied, center on connections and interactions between humans and their environments. Current research includes leading a 5-year evaluation of the CLIMAS program to better understand the program's impact on improving the region's ability to respond to climate variability and change. Gigi is also a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona. Her dissertation research focuses on how adaptation plans frame social vulnerability in Tucson, AZ, with a specific emphasis on vulnerabilities related to food, water, and energy access.

Prior to working with CLIMAS, Gigi worked with the University of Arizona's Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology as an outreach coordinator for community-based, participatory projects in Ambos Nogales (Sonora, Mexico and Arizona, U.S.) regarding air quality and alternative environmental technologies.

Gigi is also a former CLIMAS graduate student researcher. She worked with Margaret Wilder from 2004 to 2006, investigating environmental and climate variability, climate science availability and usage, and public values toward cultural and natural resources in the Lower Colorado River Delta region.