The University of Arizona

Daniel Ferguson | CLIMAS

Lead Investigator and Director, Climate Assessment for the Southwest

Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science

Assistant Professor, Arizona Institutes for Resilience

Dan Ferguson is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Director of the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) program at the University of Arizona. A human-environment geographer, Dan contributes to and leads inter- and trans-disciplinary teams that conduct place-based, problem-oriented environmental research. The overarching goal of his work is collaborative development of relevant and useful knowledge to prepare for and respond to societal problems related to climate variability and change. Dan's research generally falls into three categories: evaluation of use-inspired environmental research;  development of theory and pragmatic approaches to socially-engaged environmental research; and development of knowledge about the social and cultural context for inter- and trans-disciplinary teams and the design and implementation partner engagement strategies.