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Titlesort ascending Lead Investigator Start Date Status
Forecast Evaluation Holly Hartmann 2000 Completed
Fire History and Climate Barbara Morehouse 2003 Completed
Fine-Scale Climate Mapping Andrew C. Comrie 2000 Completed
Evaluation of Fire Forecast Products to Enhance U.S. Drought Preparedness and Response Gigi Owen 2008 Completed
Evaluation of Arizona Drought Watch: The State's Drought Impacts Reporting System Alison Meadow 2008 Completed
Evaluating Climate Assessment and Translational Science Efforts in the US Southwest Daniel Ferguson 2006 Completed
END InSight: El Niño-Drought Initiative Gregg Garfin 2001 Completed
Economic Values of Riparian Corridors Bonnie Colby 2000 Completed
Economic Analysis of Water Resources and Ski Recreation Bonnie Colby 2003 Completed
Drought Preparedness for Tribes in the Four Corners Workshop and Report Daniel Ferguson 2009 Completed
Disentangling the Influence of Antecedent Temperature and Soil Moisture on Colorado River Water Resources Connie Woodhouse 2012 Ongoing
Developing Useful Science: Methods for Engaging Stakeholders and Evaluating Integrated Climate Tools Gigi Owen 2008 Completed
Developing and Leading a Climate and Health Research Network on the University of Arizona Campus Margaret Wilder 2012 Ongoing
Dendrochronology in the Tribal Lands of Northeast Arizona Connie Woodhouse 2009 Completed
Decision Support Tools: CLIDDSS, FET, DDIT, Paleo Toolkit, and Others Holly Hartmann 2006 Completed
Decision Calendars in Fire Management Barbara Morehouse 2001 Completed
Decentralization of Urban Water and Sustainability Planning in Border Cities Margaret Wilder 2002 Completed
Community Vulnerability Assessments Timothy Finan 1998 Completed
Community and Conservation: Assessing Public Values Toward the Lower Colorado River and Delta Margaret Wilder 2003 Completed
Climate, Water Availability, and Southwest Park Visitation George Frisvold 1998 Completed
Climate Variables and Water Market Prices Bonnie Colby 2001 Completed
Climate Variability--Winter Precipitation Anomalies Andrew C. Comrie 2004 Completed
Climate Science for Water Management in Tucson: An Occasional Lecture Series Daniel Ferguson 2008 Completed
Climate Mitigation and Agriculture: Public Policy Education George Frisvold 2009 Ongoing
Climate in Context (RISA Book) Gregg Garfin 2011 Ongoing
Climate Change Projections and Scenarios for the Southwest Holly Hartmann 2006 Completed
Climate Change Mitigation Strategies and Policies George Frisvold 2007 Ongoing
Climate Change Analysis for the City of Tucson Gregg Garfin 2011 Ongoing
Climate and Weather Services for Disaster Management: A FEMA, NWS, and CLIMAS Collaboration Zack Guido 2011 Ongoing
Climate and Heath Andrew C. Comrie 2007 Ongoing
CLIMAS Project and Program Evaluation Gigi Owen 2011 Ongoing
CLIMAS H.E.A.T. - Heat Extreme AssessmenT - Cascading Effects of Climate Extremes in the Southwest Ben McMahan 2013 Ongoing
Categorizing Urban Landscapes to Assess Drought Vulnerability Rolston St. Hilaire 2007 Completed
Building Climate Science into Land and Water Conservation Planning and Decision Making in the American Southwest Gregg Garfin 2011 Ongoing
Border Climate Summary Gregg Garfin 2008 Completed
Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States: a Technical Report Prepared for the U.S. National Climate Assessment Gregg Garfin 2010 Completed
Assessing Regional Climate Services Through Cooperative Extension Michael Crimmins 2009 Completed
Arizona Drought Planning and Mitigation Gregg Garfin 2002 Completed
Arivaca Community Water Supply Drought Vulnerability Assessment Michael Crimmins 2009 Completed
Air Quality and Climate Variability Andrew C. Comrie 2001 Completed