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Climate Services Database Now Available for the Western States

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

More than 130 public sector and nonprofit organizations provide climate services to the eleven western states, yet until now there has been no centralized resource to connect climate information users with the wide array of information and services available.

The NOAA Western Region Climate Service Providers Database is a searchable directory of climate service providers in the west that makes climate services easier to find. Its powerful search function allows users to customize their search based on the type of service, the geographic area, stakeholders served, and several additional parameters. It’s a match-making app for the climate world.

For example, say a water resource manager in Nevada is seeking coordination assistance in water resource issues. By searching for the state and sector served (NV and water, respectively), and for an organization that provides coordination services, the database returns eight organizations for the manager to contact for more information.

This database is a pilot and we appreciate comments and suggestions from users. Please send any comments to For more information about this project and initial findings from a landscape assessment of climate providers in the west, please refer to the preliminary analysis report.

This resource was created through a partnership between NOAA Western Regional Collaboration Team, the NOAA-RISA Western Water Assessment and the NOAA-RISA Climate Assessment for the Southwest.