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Sept 2021 Southwest Climate Podcast - Is the (Generational) Monsoon Over?

In the September Edition of the CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast, Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido sit down to revisit last month’s discussion of a generational monsoon. They check in around the region to see how various locations are faring and discuss the interesting patterns they’ve seen in monsoon activity so far. They put the totals to date into climatological context and rankings, to see who is experiencing a generational monsoon, vs. areas that are “just” above average (or who are lagging behind).  They wrap with a discussion of “Is the Monsoon Over” - and talk about the reasons why you may/may not think so, and what the transition season means for the last few weeks of the monsoon (and the final seasonal rankings). -

August 2021 Southwest Climate Podcast - 2021 - A Generational Monsoon?

In the August 2021 edition of the CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast, Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido sit down to discuss the “monsoon that comes to you” (i.e. it’s just about everywhere, and it just keeps coming!).  They discuss the (record) July for some areas, as well as the well above average conditions around much of the region. They also deconstruct the elements that are feeding into this persistent monsoon rainfall and take a deep dive into a few of the events that have contributed to impressive totals.  They wrap up with a discussion of outlooks for the rest of the season, whether any stations might hit record monsoon totals (Tucson is definitely in the running), and what this has meant for the monsoon fantasy game (suffice to say, the guesses for July did not anticipate the record wet conditions). -

1075’ - Shortage on the Colorado River Ep. 1 - Management of the Colorado River

Originally released in 2014, this CLIMAS podcast series that explores what the first ever shortage declaration on the Colorado River would mean to those living in the Southwest. The first episode takes a broad view of the Colorado River Basin, exploring how the river is managed, who uses the water, and what a potential shortage could mean for the system. The guest is Doug Kenney, Director of the Western Water Policy Program at the University of Colorado School of Law. -