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Autumn (Sept/Oct/Nov) | CLIMAS

Autumn (Sept/Oct/Nov)

Autumn: Sept / Oct / Nov

Projected Impacts

  • Increased Eastern Pacific Tropical Storm Activity
  • Air Quality Affected by Additional Pollen Loads
  • Extended Season for Mosquitos (Disease Vectors)
  • Above Normal Water-Year-to-Date Totals (2014-2015)
  • Increased Fine Fuels Growth

El Niño 2015-2016 & Tropical Cyclones

Jeremy Weiss, Michael Crimmins, Gregg Garfin, Paul Brown
Oct 2015

Most storms that form off of the western and southern coasts of Mexico move westward to open waters, but some of them travel north and bring considerable precipitation to the Southwest. Does an El Niño event influence the ability of these storms to form and later affect Arizona weather? If so, what might be some relevant related hazards or favorable circumstances? (read more)

Past Events/Impacts