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Book Chapter
Morehouse, B.J., Frisvold, G.B. & Bark-Hodgins, R., 2007. How Can Tourism Research Benefit from Multi-Disciplinary Assessmesnts of Climate Change? Lessons from the U.S. Southwest. In A. Matzarakis, de Freitas, C. R. , & Scott, D. Developments in Tourism Climatology. pp. 274-281.
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Conference Proceedings
Morehouse, B.J., Frisvold, G.B. & Bark-Hodgins, R., 2007. How Can Recreation and Tourism Benefit from Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Assess and Adapt to Climate Change? Lessons from the U.S. Southwest A. Matzarakis, de Freitas, C. R. , & Scott, D. . 3rd International Workshop on Climate, Tourism and Recreation.
Feature Articles
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