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Climate Profile for the Pueblo of Laguna | CLIMAS

Climate Profile for the Pueblo of Laguna

TitleClimate Profile for the Pueblo of Laguna
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMeadow, A, Weiss, J, LeRoy, S, Keith, L, Hausam, S, Nasser, E, Petersen, S, Basaraba, A, Russell, N

The Pueblo of Laguna, a federally recognized tribe, seeks to enhance its resilience to changing climate conditions and extreme weather events and their associated impacts. Through adaptation planning, the Pueblo wishes to reduce the ways that extreme heat, drought, heavy rainfall and other extreme precipitation, extreme winds, and associated events such as flooding, erosion, and wildfire affect the community. The Pueblo is initiating the adaptation planning process with vulnerability assessments. The Pueblo of Laguna contracted with Adaptation International to prepare vulnerability assessments of health and wellness (H&W) and infrastructure and buildings (I&B). Adaptation International contracted with researchers with the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) program, based at University of Arizona, to compile this report. The goal of the report is to review and summarize available data on historic, current, and projected climatic changes that are likely to impact the Pueblo of Laguna. The report will be used to inform Adaptation International’s vulnerability assessment of health and wellness (H&W) and infrastructure and building (I&B) and the Pueblo of Laguna’s future planning.