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CLIMAS Reports

Title Authors PDF
An Ethnohistory of the NOAA RISA Program A.M. Meadow PDF icon RISA Ethnohistory
Projections of Climate Impacts on Vector-Borne Diseases and Valley Fever in Arizona. A report prepared for the Arizona Department of Health Services and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Climate-Ready States and Cities Initiative M. Roach; H. Brown; R. Clark; D. Hondula; J. Lega; Q. Rabby; N. Schweers; J. Tabor PDF icon pdfprojections-climate-impacts-vector-borne.pdf
Climate risks and impacts for the regional utility sector: results of a collaborative research process with Tucson Electric Power A.K. Gerlak; B. McMahan PDF icon pdfabriclimate-risk-report-final.pdf
Assessment of Climate and Health Impacts on Vector-Borne Diseases and Valley Fever in Arizona - Report for the Arizona Department of Health Services and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Climate-Ready States and Cities Initiative M. Roach; H. Brown; M. Wilder; G. Smith; S. Chambers; I. Patten; Q. Rabby PDF icon pdfassessment-climate-and-health-impacts.pdf
Climate of Las Cruces S. LeRoy; G. Garfin PDF icon pdfclimateoflascrucesfinal.pdf
El Desarrollo de Centrales Hidroeléctricas en el Territorio de las Comunidades Mapuche-Williche de la Cuenca del Lago Ranco y Lago Maihue Puelwillimapu S. Kelly-Richards; J. Valdés-Negroni; F. Guerra-Schleef PDF icon pdfdocumentodetrabajocentraleshidroelectricasenelpuelwillimapu2017.pdf
Drought Monitoring to Support Planning for the Hopi Tribe: Final Report 2010-2016 D.B. Ferguson; M.A. Crimmins; A. Masayesva; A.M. Meadow; J. Weiss; H. Faulstich PDF icon Ferguson et al 2017
Climate Extremes Data and Communication Products for Western Adaptation Alliance Cities in the Intermountain Southwest S. Leroy; G. Garfin
Extreme Heat Toolkit G. Garfin; S. Leroy PDF icon Extreme Heat Toolkit - Report, PDF icon Extreme Heat Toolkit - Resources
Hopi Climate: An Overview to Support Drought Monitoring and Management M.A. Crimmins; D.B. Ferguson; J. Weiss; H. Faulstich PDF icon 2015 Hopi Climate report
2014 Climate and Society Fellows Report: Cultivating a Climate of Cave Conservation Awareness S. Truebe PDF icon Cultivating a Climate of Cave Conservation Awareness
2014 Climate and Society Fellows Report: Achieving Scientific Literacy in the Classroom L.Y. Huang PDF icon 2014 Huang Fellows report
2014 Climate and Society Fellows Final Report: Climatic Sensitivities of Navajo Forestlands C.H. Guiterman PDF icon Guiterman 2014 Fellows Report
Potential Changes in Future Regional Climate and Related Impacts: A Brief Report for the Central New Mexico Climate Change Scenario Planning Project J. Weiss PDF icon 2014 Weiss
Planning for Change in Southern Arizona: A report from the Southern Arizona Regional Climate Summit for Municipal Leaders D.B. Ferguson; Z. Guido; R. Thomas; L. Ethen; C. Zucker; G. Chorover; R. Johnson PDF icon 2014 Planning for Change
Linking Environmental Research and Practice: Lessons from the Integration of Climate Science and Water Management in the Western United States D.B. Ferguson; J. Rice; C.A. Woodhouse PDF icon 2014 Link Research & Practice
The Missing Piece: Drought Impacts Monitoring K. Lackstrom; A. Brennan; D.B. Ferguson; M.A. Crimmins; L. Darby; K. Dow; K. Ingram; A.M. Meadow; H. Reges; M. Shafer; K. Smith PDF icon 2013 Drought Impacts report
Technical Review of the Navajo Nation Drought Contingency Plan - Drought Monitoring M.A. Crimmins; N. Selover; K. Cozzetto; K. Chief PDF icon 2013 Navajo Drought review
Evaluating Our Capacity: A Discussion of Capability for Ongoing Climate Assessment in the Colorado River Basin T. Wall; G.M. Garfin; J. Galayda PDF icon 2011 CO Basin Assessment Capacity
Weather, Climate, and Rural Arizona: Insights and Assessment Strategies J. Brugger; M.A. Crimmins PDF icon Brugger 2012
Hydrologic Extremes and Water Management in a Warmer World - California Perspectives Z. Guido PDF icon 2011 CA Hydro Extremes
Drought Preparedness for Tribes in the Four Corners Region Workshop Report D.B. Ferguson; C. Alvord; M.Hiza Redsteer; C. McNutt; M. Hayes; M. Svoboda; R. Pulwarty; M.A. Crimmins PDF icon 2011 Four Corners Drought
Connections between Climate and Groundwater in Arivaca, Arizona Z. Guido; M.A. Crimmins PDF icon 2010 Arivaca Climate & Water
Putting Knowledge into Action: Tapping the Institutional Knowledge of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regions 2 and 8 to Address Climate Change Z. Guido; D.B. Ferguson; G.M. Garfin PDF icon 2009 USFWS Climate Change
Global warming in the Southwest: Projections, Observations and Impacts M. Lenart PDF icon 2007 Global warming in the Southwest
2006 North American Seasonal Assessment Workshop Progress Report G.M. Garfin PDF icon 2006 NSAW Progress Report
Renegotiating Urban Water Management in Flagstaff, Arizona K.E. Reed PDF icon 2005 Flagstaff Urban Water
Drought and Climate in Arizona: Top Ten Questions & Answers J. McPhee; A.C. Comrie; G.M. Garfin PDF icon 2004 Drought and Climate in Arizona
Climate and Urban Water Providers in Arizona: An Analysis of Vulnerability Perceptions and Climate Information R. Carter; B.J. Morehouse PDF icon 2003 Climate & Urban Water
Vulnerability to Climate Variability in the Farming Sector M. Vásquez-León; C.T. West; B. Wolf; J. Moody; T. Finan PDF icon 2002 Farming Climate Vulnerability
An Examination of Arizona Water Law and Policy From the Perspective of Climate Impacts R. Carter; B.J. Morehouse PDF icon 2001 AZ Water Law & Policy
Fire in Indian Country: Two Case Studies in the Southwestern United States D. Austin; B. Wolf PDF icon 2001 Fire in Indian Country
Assessing the Sensitivity of the Southwest's Urban Water Sector to Climatic Variability R. Carter; P. Tschakert; B.J. Morehouse PDF icon 2000 Urban Water Climate Sensitivity
Building Partnerships with Native Americans in Climate-Related Research and Outreach D. Austin; S. Gerlak; C. Smith PDF icon 2000 Building Tribal Partnerships
An Assessment of Climate Vulnerability in the Middle San Pedro River D. Austin; P. Barabe; N. Benequista; A. Fish; A. Gardener; E. Hansen; T. McGuire; S. Stewart; P. Tschakert PDF icon 2000 San Pedro Climate Vulnerability
Pilot Stakeholder Assessment Report N. Benequista; J.S. James PDF icon 1999 Stakeholder Assessment
The Climate of the Southwest P.R. Sheppard; A.C. Comrie; G.D. Packin; K. Angersbach; M.K. Hughes PDF icon 1999 Climate of the SW
Weather, Climate, and Hydrologic Forecasting for the Southwest U.S. H. Hartmann; R. Bales; S. Sorooshian PDF icon 1999 Forecasting
CLIMAS Ranching Case Study: Year 1 J. Conley; H. Eakin; T. Sheridan; D. Hadley PDF icon 1999 Ranching case study