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El Niño Recap & La Niña Outlook - May 2016

Saturday, May 21, 2016

El Niño Recap & La Niña Outlook

This El Niño event was one of the strongest ever recorded (Fig. 5), and if past performance was any indication of what was expected for the Southwest, the region should have seen above-average precipitation over much of the cool season (winter and spring). The Southwest generally saw lower-than-expected precipitation totals that were much closer to average, or even below average in some cases.  There are several reasons why this event did not meet expectations. (read more)

El Niño Tracker - May 2016

Friday, May 20, 2016

El Niño conditions continued for a 15th straight month, but the peak intensity has long since passed and the event is moving toward ENSO-neutral status. Forecast discussions focused on the decline of atmospheric and oceanic anomalies that characterize an El Niño event, many of which are trending towards—or have nearly reached—ENSO-neutral status. (read more)

Southwest Climate Outlook May 2016 - Climate Summary

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Originally published in the May 2016 CLIMAS Southwest Climate Outlook

Precipitation & Temperature: Across most of the Southwest, April 2016 precipitation totals were above average (Fig 1a) and temperatures were average to above average (Fig 1b). Over the past 30 days, the Southwest experienced a minor cooling trend, with much of the region recording below-average temperatures (Fig. 2a) and a mix of above- and below-average precipitation (Fig. 2b). Increased rainfall and below-average temperatures are a welcome, albeit temporary, break from the typical warming and drying trend observed in late spring and early summer.