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Public Engagement on Weather and Climate with a Monsoon Fantasy Forecasting Game 2023
Climate Profile for the Quad Cities Region of Arizona 2023
Large-scale citizen science programs can support ecological and climate change assessments 2022
Using scale and human agency to frame ranchers’ discussions about socio-ecological change and resilience 2022
Guide to Southwest U.S. Station Climate Summaries 2022
Biologically‐relevant trends in springtime temperatures across the United States 2019
Does an Early Spring Indicate an Early Summer? Relationships Between Intraseasonal Growing Degree Day Thresholds 2019
Characterizing Drought Effects on Vegetation Productivity in the Four Corners Region of the US Southwest 2018
Monitoring Precipitation on Rangelands: Tools, Strategies, and Best Practices 2018
El Nino 2018-2019? An Overview of What It Might Mean for Arizona 2018
County-level climate change information to support decision-making on working lands 2017
Drought Monitoring to Support Planning for the Hopi Tribe: Final Report 2010-2016 2017
DroughtView: Satellite-based Drought Monitoring and Assessment 2017
Discerning “Flavors” of Drought Using Climate Extremes Indices 2017
USA National Phenology Network’s volunteer-contributed observations yield predictive models of phenological transitions 2017
Vegetation productivity responses to drought on tribal lands in the Four Corners region of the Southwest 2017
Do-it-yourself construction guide: Rugged accumulation precipitation gauge for remote monitoring 2017
Rain Gauges for Range Management: Precipitation Monitoring Best Practices Guide 2017
Divergent responses of vegetation cover in Southwestern U.S. ecosystems to dry and wet years at different elevations 2016
Using climate data to proactively manage drought in the Southwest 2016
Rain gauges to range conditions: Collaborative development of a drought information system to support local decision making 2016
Daily Accumulated Growing Degree Day and Spring Index Maps. Information sheet. 2016
From principles to action: Applying the National Research Council’s principles for effective decision support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s watch office 2016
El Niño 2015-2016: Will It Affect the Wildland Fire Season in Arizona? 2016
The El Niño-Southern Oscillation 2016
Better coverage of Arizona’s weather and climate: Gridded datasets of daily surface meteorological variables 2016
Where do seasonal climate predictions belong in the drought management toolbox? 2016
Groups co-developing approaches to improve planning for drought on public lands, Part III 2016
Southeastern Arizona Range and Livestock Newsletter 2016
Designing Institutions to Support Local-Level Climate Change Adaptation: Insights from a Case Study of the U.S. Cooperative Extension System 2015
Climate Change Impacts on High Elevation Saguaro Range Expansion 2015
Hopi Climate: An Overview to Support Drought Monitoring and Management 2015
Designing institutions to support local level climate change adaptation: Insights from a case study of the U.S. Cooperative Extension System 2014
Drought Monitoring with Remote Sensing Based Land Surface Phenology Applications and Validation 2013
Temporal Patterns in Species Flowering in Sky Islands of the Sonoran Desert Ecoregion 2013
Helping a Community Develop a Drought Impacts Reporting System 2013
Informing Decisions with a Climate Synthesis Product: Implications for Regional Climate Services 2013
The Missing Piece: Drought Impacts Monitoring 2013
Field of Dreams or Dream Team? Assessing Two Models for Drought Impact Reporting in the Semiarid Southwest 2013
The art of adaptation: Living with climate change in the rural American Southwest 2013
Technical Review of the Navajo Nation Drought Contingency Plan - Drought Monitoring 2013
Ranching with Drought in the Southwest: Conditions, Challenges, and a Process to Meet the Challenges 2013
Weather, Climate, and Rural Arizona: Insights and Assessment Strategies 2012
Drought Preparedness for Tribes in the Four Corners Region Workshop Report 2011
Finding a Place for Climate Science in the Rural West 2011
A Double-Dip? Mounting Evidence Suggests La Niña Will Return This Winter 2011
Connections between Climate and Groundwater in Arivaca, Arizona 2010
Quantitative Evidence for Increasing Forest Fire Severity in the Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascade Mountains, California and Nevada, USA 2009
Who’s paying attention to the drought on the Colorado Plateau? 2009
Doing Our Part to Help Conserve Arizona's Water Resources and Reduce Global Warming by Saving Energy at Home 2008
Relationships Between Alpha Diversity of Plant Species in Bloom and Climatic Variables Across an Elevation Gradient 2008
Assessment of the Navajo Nation Hydroclimate Network Final Report 2007
Changes on the range: Exploring climate change with range managers 2007
Drought, Climate Variability and Implications for Water Supply and Management 2006
Modeling Interactions Among Wildland Fire, Climate and Society in the Context of Climatic Variability and Change in the Southwest US 2006
Interactions Between Antecedent Climate and Wildfire Variability Across South-Eastern Arizona 2004