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Title Year
Effect of temperature thresholds on modeled Aedes aegypti population dynamics 2017
Projection of climate change influences on U.S. West Nile virus vectors 2015
2014 National Climate Assessment: Southwest Region 2014
Climate, Windstorms, and the Risk of Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis) 2014
Regional and seasonal response of a West Nile virus vector to climate change 2013
Climate and Dengue Transmission: Evidence and Implications 2013
Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States: A Report Prepared for the National Climate Assessment 2013
Chp 15: Human Health 2013
Modeled Response of the West Nile Virus Vector (Culex quinquefasciatus) to Changing Climate Using the Dynamic Mosquito Simulation Model 2010
Developing a Climate Driven Dynamic Mosquito Population Model with Applications to Global Warming Scenarios 2009
Sub-Regional Winter Precipitation Variability in the Southwest U.S.: A study of Contrasting Precipitation Anomalies 2007
Applications of Monsoon Research: Opportunities to Inform Decision Making and Reduce Regional Vulnerability 2007
Climate and Human Health: Synthesizing Environmental Complexity and Uncertainty 2007
An epidemic of coccidioidomycosis in Arizona associated with climate changes, 1998-2001 2005
Climate Factors Influencing Coccidioidomycosis Seasonality and Outbreaks 2005
Extending the Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Filter: Application to Ozone, Particulate Matter, and Meteorological Trends 2005
Meteorologically-adjusted urban air quality trends in the southwestern United States 2005
Interactions Between Antecedent Climate and Wildfire Variability Across South-Eastern Arizona 2004
A Winter Precipitation ‘Dipole’ in the Western United States Associated with Multidecadal ENSO Variability 2004
Drought and Climate in Arizona: Top Ten Questions & Answers 2004
Climate and Infectious Disease in the Southwestern United States 2004
Assessing Meteorological Controls on Ozone Trends in the Southwestern United States 2004
Modeling Valley Fever Incidence Based on Climate Conditions 2003
Increase in Coccidioidomycosis - Arizona, 1998-2001 2003
WestMap: The Western Climate Mapping Initiative 2003
Climate Doesn't Stop at the Border: U.S. - Mexico Climatic Regions and Causes of Variability 2003
Cool Season Precipitation in the Southwestern United States Since AD 1000: Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Techniques for Reconstruction 2002
Predicting Valley Fever Incidence Based on Climate Conditions 2002
Development and Analysis of Fine-Scale Gridded Climate Data for Arizona and New Mexico 2002
Intraseasonal Variability Associated with Wet Monsoons in Southeast Arizona 2002
Allocating Anthropogenic Pollutant Emissions Over Space: Application to Ozone Pollution Management 2002
The Climate of the U.S. Southwest 2002
Predictive Mapping of Air Pollution Involving Sparse Spatial Observations 2002
Variability and Spatial Modeling of Fine-Scale Precipitation Data for the Sonoran Desert of Southwest Arizona 2002
Sub-Regional Seasonal Precipitation Linkages to SOI and PDO in the Southwest United States 2002
Climate Science and Services: Some Lessons from CLIMAS 2002
Spatial Modeling of Winter Temperature and Precipitation in Arizona and New Mexico, USA 2002
North American Monsoonal Moisture Sources Revealed Using Temperature, Precipitation, and Precipitation Stable Isotope Time Series 2001
Air quality, climate, and policy: a case study of ozone pollution in Tucson, Arizona 2001
Developments and Prospects in Synoptic Climatology 2001
Experimental Seasonal Forecast of Monsoon Precipitation in Arizona 2001
Using Regression and Neural Networks to Reconstruct Circulation Indices and Precipitation in the Southwest 2001
A Vertically Integrated Assessment of Climate Impacts on Water Supply in Arizona 2001
Environmental Variability and Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) 2001
Climate and Valley Fever 2000
Spatial Modeling and Scale Analysis of Winter Climate Variability in Arizona and New Mexico 2000
Seasonal Forecast of Monsoon Precipitation in Arizona using Linear and Nonlinear Techniques 2000
Human Health: Climate and Valley Fever 2000
Mapping a Wind-Modified Urban Heat Island in Tuczon, Arizona 2000
Teleconnections between Winter Circulation Patterns, Surface Climatology, and Vegetation Behavior in the Southwest U.S. 1999
Climate Variability in the Southwest: An Integrated Assessment 1999
The Climate of the Southwest 1999
Exploring Climate Variability and Valley Fever 1999
Geospatial Modeling of Coccidiodes Immitis Habitat as Mediated by Climate and Surface Variables 1999
Local and Remote Linkages Associated with Extreme Precipitation Events During the Monsoon Season in Southeast Arizona 1999