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Title Year
Transboundary adaptive management to reduce climate-change vulnerability in the western U.S.-Mexico border region 2013
Exploring Use of Climate Information in Wildland Fire Management: A Decision Calendar Study 2008
Making Decision-Support Information Useful, Useable, and Responsive to Decision-Maker Needs 2008
How Can Recreation and Tourism Benefit from Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Assess and Adapt to Climate Change? Lessons from the U.S. Southwest 2007
How Can Tourism Research Benefit from Multi-Disciplinary Assessmesnts of Climate Change? Lessons from the U.S. Southwest 2007
Global warming in the Southwest: Projections, Observations and Impacts 2007
Drought and Declining Reservoirs: Comparing Media Discourse in Arizona and New Mexico, 2002-2004 2006
Modeling Interactions Among Wildland Fire, Climate and Society in the Context of Climatic Variability and Change in the Southwest US 2006
Climate Science and Drought Planning: The Arizona Experience 2005
Why Sustainability is Not a Four-Letter Word 2005
Renegotiating Urban Water Management in Flagstaff, Arizona 2005
The Co-Production of Science and Policy in Integrated Climate Assessments 2005
Integrated Assessment as a Step Toward Reducing Climate Vulnerability in the Southwestern United States 2004
Cuanto Cuesta? Development and Water in Ambos Nogales and the Upper San Pedro Basin 2004
Climate and water: transboundary challenges in the Americas 2003
Climate Information and Water Resource Management: Two Initiatives in the Southwest 2003
Climate and Urban Water Providers in Arizona: An Analysis of Vulnerability Perceptions and Climate Information 2003
National Seasonal Assessment Workshop Final Report 2003
The 2003 national seasonal assessment workshop: A proactive approach to preseason fire danger assessment 2003
Moving Borders from the Periphery to the Center: river basins, political boundaries, and water management policy 2003
Sensitivity of Urban Water Resources in Phoenix, Tucson, and Sierra Vista, Arizona, to Severe Drought 2002
Fire In the West 2002
An Integrated Approach to Evaluating Climate Impacts in the Southwestern U.S. 2002
Integrating Climate into Water Policy 2002
Research Opportunities for Climate and Society Intreactions in the North American Monsoon Region 2002
Facilitating Use of Climate Information for Wildfire Decision-Making in the U.S. Southwest 2001
Can Tucson's Water Supply Survive a Drought on the Colorado River? 2001
An Examination of Arizona Water Law and Policy From the Perspective of Climate Impacts 2001
A Vertically Integrated Assessment of Climate Impacts on Water Supply in Arizona 2001
The Climate Assessment Project for the Southwest: An Integrated Approach 2001
Fire & Climate Workshops 2001
Assessing Transboundary Sensitivity to Drought: the Importance of Effluent in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora 2001
Climate Impacts on Urban Water Resources in the Southwest: The Importance of Context 2000
Assessing the Sensitivity of the Southwest's Urban Water Sector to Climatic Variability 2000
The Implications of Sustained Drought for Transboundary Water Management in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora 2000
The Implications of La Nina and El Nino for Fire Management 2000
The Value of Understanding Natural Climate Variability and its Impacts as a Bridge to Thinking about Climate Change 2000