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TreeFlow | CLIMAS


TreeFlow is a comprehensive webresource on tree-ring reconstructions of streamflow and climate for the western US, providing access to reconstruction data as well as information on data development and applications. While the primary users of streamflow reconstructions are water resource professionals, people in many other sectors and disciplines may find the data useful.

TreeFlow is intended to be a dynamic resource. We have designed the pages to be expanded as reconstructions are generated for other basins, and as new applications are developed. We welcome the contributions of other researchers and water providers. In the future, we also will include other hydrologic reconstruction resources, such as a network of Rocky Mountain snowpack reconstructions and North American monsoon reconstructions that are currently under development.

TreeFlow is a collaborative effort of researchers affiliated with three NOAA-funded Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessment (RISA) programs: Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) Western Water Assessment, and the Climate Impacts Group. The TreeFlow website is housed on a server at the University of Arizona.