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Title Lead Investigatorsort descending Start Date Status
Arizona Drought Planning and Mitigation Gregg Garfin 2002 Completed
Climate in Context (RISA Book) Gregg Garfin 2011 Ongoing
Border Climate Summary Gregg Garfin 2008 Completed
END InSight: El Niño-Drought Initiative Gregg Garfin 2001 Completed
Southwest Monsoon Tracker Zack Guido 2009 Completed
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Climate Change Workshop Report Zack Guido 2007 Completed
La Niña Drought Tracker Zack Guido 2009 Completed
Climate and Weather Services for Disaster Management: A FEMA, NWS, and CLIMAS Collaboration Zack Guido 2011 Ongoing
Southwest Climate Podcasts Zack Guido 2012 Ongoing
1075' - Shortage on the Colorado River, A CLIMAS Podcast Series Zack Guido 2013 Ongoing
Climate Change Projections and Scenarios for the Southwest Holly Hartmann 2006 Completed
Strengths and Limitations of Long-term Streamflow Scenarios in the Southwestern United States Holly Hartmann 2006 Completed
Forecast Evaluation and Application Research Holly Hartmann 2006 Completed
Forecast Evaluation Holly Hartmann 2000 Completed
Decision Support Tools: CLIDDSS, FET, DDIT, Paleo Toolkit, and Others Holly Hartmann 2006 Completed
Managing Flash Floods: Risk Perception from a Cultural Perspective Katherine Hirschboeck 2005 Completed
Hydroclimatology & Paleohydrology for Decision Support Katherine Hirschboeck 2006 Completed
Tree-ring Reconstructions of Past Climate in the Southwest Malcolm Hughes 1999 Completed
CLIMAS H.E.A.T. - Heat Extreme AssessmenT - Cascading Effects of Climate Extremes in the Southwest Ben McMahan 2013 Ongoing
Speaking of Climate...Conversations about Climate, Science, & Society Ben McMahan 2014 Ongoing
Southwest Climate Outlook Ben McMahan 2001 Ongoing
Evaluation of Arizona Drought Watch: The State's Drought Impacts Reporting System Alison Meadow 2008 Completed
Wildfire Alternatives (WALTER) Barbara Morehouse 1999 Completed
Decision Calendars in Fire Management Barbara Morehouse 2001 Completed
Fire History and Climate Barbara Morehouse 2003 Completed
Urban Water Sensitivity Analysis Barbara Morehouse 1997 Completed
Ranching and Ranchette Economics Dan Osgood 1999 Completed
Understanding and Communicating Climate Change in the Southwest Jonathan Overpeck 2006 Ongoing
Reconciling Projections of Future Colorado River Streamflow Jonathan Overpeck 2006 Completed
Paleo-Southwest Monsoon Dynamics Jonathan Overpeck 2007 Completed
Patterns and Causes of Southwest Drought Variability Jonathan Overpeck 2008 Ongoing
Evaluation of Fire Forecast Products to Enhance U.S. Drought Preparedness and Response Gigi Owen 2008 Completed
CLIMAS Project and Program Evaluation Gigi Owen 2011 Ongoing
Developing Useful Science: Methods for Engaging Stakeholders and Evaluating Integrated Climate Tools Gigi Owen 2008 Completed
Categorizing Urban Landscapes to Assess Drought Vulnerability Rolston St. Hilaire 2007 Completed
Potential Changes in Future Regional Climate and Related Impacts: A Brief Report for the Central New Mexico Climate Change Scenario Planning Project Jeremy Weiss 2012 Completed
River Basin Councils and Sustainability Planning in Sonora Margaret Wilder 2002 Completed
Community and Conservation: Assessing Public Values Toward the Lower Colorado River and Delta Margaret Wilder 2003 Completed
Managing Demand, Rethinking Supply: Adaptation, Conservation, and Planning in the Drought-prone Southwestern U.S. and Northwest Mexico Margaret Wilder 2010 Ongoing
Developing and Leading a Climate and Health Research Network on the University of Arizona Campus Margaret Wilder 2012 Ongoing