The University of Arizona

Title CLIMAS Lead Start Date Status
Fire History and Climate Barbara Morehouse 2004 Completed
Mosquito Disease Vector Mapping Andrew Comrie 2004 Completed
Agriculture Water Use George Frisvold 2003 Completed
Arizona Drought Planning and Mitigation Gregg Garfin 2003 Completed
Decentralization of Urban Water and Sustainability Planning in Border Cities Margaret Wilder 2003 Completed
River Basin Councils and Sustainability Planning in Sonora Margaret Wilder 2003 Completed
Air Quality and Climate Variability Andrew Comrie 2002 Completed
Climate Variables and Water Market Prices Bonnie Colby 2002 Completed
Decision Calendars in Fire Management Barbara Morehouse 2002 Completed
Economic Values of Riparian Corridors Bonnie Colby 2001 Completed
Fine-Scale Climate Mapping Andrew Comrie 2001 Completed
Forecast Evaluation Holly Hartmann 2001 Completed
Predicting Valley Fever Incidence Andrew Comrie 2000 Completed
Ranching and Ranchette Economics Dan Osgood 2000 Completed
Tree-ring Reconstructions of Past Climate in the Southwest Malcolm Hughes 2000 Completed
Wildfire Alternatives (WALTER) Barbara Morehouse 2000 Completed
Climate, Water Availability, and Southwest Park Visitation George Frisvold 1999 Completed
Community Vulnerability Assessments Timothy Finan 1999 Completed
Ranching and Climate Gregg Garfin 1999 Completed
Urban Water Sensitivity Analysis Barbara Morehouse 1998 Completed