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Titlesort ascending Lead Investigator Start Date Status
Wildfire Alternatives (WALTER) Barbara Morehouse 1999 Completed
Urban Water Sensitivity Analysis Barbara Morehouse 1997 Completed
Understanding and Communicating Climate Change in the Southwest Jonathan Overpeck 2006 Ongoing
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Climate Change Workshop Report Zack Guido 2007 Completed
Tribal Drought Information for Monitoring, Assessment, and Planning (DRI MAP) Michael Crimmins 2009 Completed
TreeFlow: A Drought Planning Resource for Water Management in the Western U.S. Connie Woodhouse 2007 Ongoing
Tree-ring Reconstructions of Past Climate in the Southwest Malcolm Hughes 1999 Completed
Transborder Climate: Adaptation Without Boundaries Gregg Garfin 2011 Completed
Strengths and Limitations of Long-term Streamflow Scenarios in the Southwestern United States Holly Hartmann 2006 Completed
Southwest Monsoon Tracker Zack Guido 2009 Completed
Southwest Climate Podcasts Zack Guido 2012 Ongoing
Southwest Climate Outlook Ben McMahan 2001 Ongoing
Southwest Climate Change Initiative (SWCCI) Gregg Garfin 2007 Completed
Snow Cover Mapping Roger Bales 2001 Completed
Sky Island Climate Adaptation Gregg Garfin 2009 Ongoing
Sectoral Impacts of Drought and Climate Change George Frisvold 2007 Ongoing
Seasonal Climate Briefings and Podcasts Gregg Garfin 2005 Completed
River Basin Councils and Sustainability Planning in Sonora Margaret Wilder 2002 Completed
Reconciling Projections of Future Colorado River Streamflow Jonathan Overpeck 2006 Completed
Ranching and Ranchette Economics Dan Osgood 1999 Completed
Ranching and Climate Gregg Garfin 1998 Completed
Predicting Valley Fever Incidence Andrew C. Comrie 1999 Completed
Poverty and Climate Change in the Southwestern U.S. Margaret Wilder 2009 Completed
Potential Changes in Future Regional Climate and Related Impacts: A Brief Report for the Central New Mexico Climate Change Scenario Planning Project Jeremy Weiss 2012 Completed
Planning for Local Government Climate Challenges: Connecting Research and Practice Daniel Ferguson 2009 Completed
Planning for Drought in the Warming and Drying Southwest: Developing a Suite of Drought Indicators to Support Tribal Decision Making in the Four Corners Daniel Ferguson 2012 Ongoing
Patterns and Causes of Southwest Drought Variability Jonathan Overpeck 2008 Ongoing
Paleo-Southwest Monsoon Dynamics Jonathan Overpeck 2007 Completed
National Seasonal Assessment Workshops for Fire Potential Gregg Garfin 2002 Ongoing
Mosquito Disease Vector Mapping Andrew C. Comrie 2003 Completed
Managing Flash Floods: Risk Perception from a Cultural Perspective Katherine Hirschboeck 2005 Completed
Managing Demand, Rethinking Supply: Adaptation, Conservation, and Planning in the Drought-prone Southwestern U.S. and Northwest Mexico Margaret Wilder 2010 Ongoing
Making the Connection between Science and Decision Making: A Graduate Seminar Connie Woodhouse 2011 Ongoing
La Niña Drought Tracker Zack Guido 2009 Completed
Knowledge to Action: An Assessment of the Transfer of Climate Science to Decision Making Daniel Ferguson 2008 Completed
Knowledge Exchange and Needs Assessment on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Colorado River Gregg Garfin 2009 Completed
Innovative Water Transfer Tools for Regional Adaptation to Climate Change Bonnie Colby 2008 Completed
Hydroclimatology & Paleohydrology for Decision Support Katherine Hirschboeck 2006 Completed
Fostering Conducive Conditions for Climate Assessments: Collaborative Scenario Planning and the Colorado River Basin Study Gregg Garfin 2012 Ongoing
Forecast Evaluation and Application Research Holly Hartmann 2006 Completed