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January 2010 Advisory Board Agenda | CLIMAS

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January 2010 Advisory Board Agenda

Knowledge to Action:
An Assessment of the Transfer of Climate Science to Decision Making
Advisory Board Meeting
January 13, 2010

Session I: Background and Information Sharing

Session goal: To briefly introduce the activities of each utility and RISA to the entire group and to provide the opportunity for information sharing among AB members regarding science-management efforts.

8:45am      Laurna Kaatz, "Denver Water: Planning for Climate Change"

9:00am      Paul Fleming, "Water and Climate Change: Observations from Seattle"

9:15am      Ralph Marra and Ries Lindley, "Tucson Water in an Age of Changing Climate"

9:30am      Jeff Lukas, "On collaboratons between Denver Water and the Western Water

Assessment, 1999‐2010"

9:45am      Amy Snover, "Providing Regional Climate Services: UW Climate Impacts Group Interactons with Seatle Public Utilities"

10:00am   Gregg Garfin,  "CLIMAS-Tucson Water Interactions"

10:15am   BREAK

Session II: Examining Existing Needs and Challenges in Science-Management Collaborations

Session goal: Facilitate discussion about the following issues in science-management collaborations.

10:30am   Group discussion about the following topics regarding the success and challenges of science-management collaborations (about 20 minutes each)

Communication issues: Both within and external to your organizations; with other organizations/levels of government; with colleagues and the public; with advisory panels/organizations, etc.
Collaboration issues: Resources (time, funding, etc), establishing connections/ determining appropriate data; role of “science” and role of “management”; effectiveness of different types of collaborations (e.g. workshops, collaborations on grants); serving in an advisory role via other organizations; distributing findings; coordinating similar efforts; different “capacity” of organizations; etc. 
Science-related issues: Challenges incorporating or delivering scientific information for use in water management; data needs; keeping up with the latest science; etc.
Other issues: Not discussed in previous topics

12:00pm      LUNCH (working lunch)

Session III: Project Strategy Session

Session goal: Prepare strategy for interviews and other data collection.

1:00pm       Group discussion about the following issues:

Based on previous sessions, distill some lessons learned (about both successes and challenges) from past science-management collaborations.
Identify useful topics/questions to explore during interviews.
Brainstorm who and what organizations to include in interviews and final workshop.
Discussion of what information would be useful to utilities and RISA programs from this project.

2:30pm       Adjourn