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Advisory Board

To help ensure that this project is relevant and useful for both the scientists and water managers involved, we have developed a small board of advisers to help guide the project. The advisory board is made up of one representative from each water utility involved and one representative from each of the university-based science groups who have worked with these utilities to provide information about climate. The advisory board members are:


Laurna Kaatz
Climate Scientist for the Planning Division
Denver Water

Jeff Lukas
Western Water Assessment
University of Colorado


Paul Fleming
Manager, Climate & Sustainability Group
Seattle Public Utilities

Amy Snover
Associate Director, Climate Impacts Group
University of Washington


Ries Lindley
Water Resources Management
Tucson Water

Ralph Marra
Water Administrator, Water Resources Management
Tucson Water

Gregg Garfin
Insitute of the Environment and Climate Assessment for the Southwest
University of Arizona