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Type Title Date
Video March CLIMAS Colloquium: Understanding local climate impacts in the context of global supply chains (Diana Liverman) 03/28/2014
Podcast July 2014 Southwest Climate Podcast: Strong Start for the Monsoon & Groundhog Day for El Niño Forecasts 07/24/2014
Press CLIMAS Renewed with $3.5M Grant 09/04/2012
Podcast Mar 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - A Wild and Wooly Winter Worth Waiting For 03/08/2017
Video SW Climate Assessment Webinar Episode 1 Climate Projections 11/27/2012
Podcast Southwest Climate Podcast: A Paleo Perspective of the Monsoon 03/19/2013
Podcast Apr 2016 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - An Exceptional El Niño - (For all the "Wrong" Reasons?) 04/11/2016
Podcast June 2015 Southwest Climate Podcast - June Recap, Tropical Storms, Wildfire, Monsoon & El Niño 07/01/2015
Video Coping with Drought on the Rio Grande 09/10/2012
Podcast August 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - Monsoon Midpoint Recap - Swinging for the Fences 08/10/2017
Podcast Sept 2014 Southwest Climate Podcast: Tropical Storm Climatology & El Niño Summary 10/01/2014
Press Continued Dry Weather Across the West 01/29/2014
Video Climate Change in the Southwest: University of Arizona experts comment on the IPCC WG1 Report Release 09/27/2013
Podcast March 2014 Southwest Climate Podcast 03/04/2014
Podcast Oct 2016 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - Monsoon Leftovers Edition - SW Monsoon Recap and Commentary 10/10/2016
Video March 2013 Climate Summary 03/27/2013
Podcast February 2013 Southwest Climate Podcast 02/01/2013
Podcast Nov 2015 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - The Hunt for Wet October 11/10/2015
Podcast Mar 2015 SW Climate Podcast: Winter Weather Summary, Polar Opposites & El Niño Finally Arrives 03/09/2015
Video June 2012 Climate Summary 06/27/2012
Podcast SW Climate Mini Podcast - March the "Snow-Eater" and Early April Fires (but not the Sawmill) 04/28/2017
Podcast 1075' - Shortage on the Colorado River Ep. 3 - Shortage Impacts on the Central Arizona Project 07/29/2014
Press Water Vulnerability in Border Region 04/16/2012
Video SW Climate Assessment Webinar Episode 5 Natural Ecosystems and Tribal Issues 12/10/2012
Podcast July 2013 Southwest Climate Podcast 07/01/2013
Podcast May 2016 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - Even more disappointment re: El Niño and looking towards the impending "Doom Season" 05/23/2016
Podcast October 2012 Southwest Climate Podcast 10/01/2012
Podcast July 2015 Southwest Climate Podcast - Monsoon Edition - Monsoon Recap, Climatology, and Looking Forward 07/21/2015
Video October 2012 Climate Summary 10/24/2012
Podcast Oct 2014 SW Climate Podcast: Monsoon Recap and an El Niño Double Dip 10/23/2014
Press Drought Worsens in Arizona, Rest of Southwest 01/30/2014
Video 2013 Monsoon: Past, Current, and Future Conditions 06/20/2013
Podcast June 2014 Southwest Climate Podcast: Impending Collision of El Niño and the Monsoon 06/17/2014
Presentation Anticipating the 2012 Monsoon: Current conditions and forecasts 06/04/2012
Podcast Nov 2016 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - SW Climate & Water Year in Review 11/23/2016
Video April 2013 Climate Summary 04/24/2013
Podcast April 2013 Southwest Climate Podcast 04/01/2013
Podcast Dec 2015 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - El Niño in Full Swing and Fall Recap 12/15/2015
Podcast Southwest Climate Update - May 1, 2015 05/01/2015
Video July 2012 Climate Summary 07/25/2012
Podcast May 2017 CLIMAS SW Climate Podcast - Quiescent but Warm: Calm Before the Fire and Brimstone 05/04/2017
Podcast 1075' - Shortage on the Colorado River Ep. 4 - The Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District 08/05/2014
Press Bigger, Stronger, and Faster: Climate Change and the Colorado River Basin 01/10/2012
Video What is El Niño? - From the SW Climate Podcast 12/01/2014
Video Winter of Weather (2014-2015) - from the SW Climate Podcast 02/23/2015
Video Monsoon Climate & Wildfire - What Does Winter-Spring Weather Mean for Wildfire Season 05/15/2015
Video Monsoon & Drought Q&A 09/29/2014
Video Soil, Not Dirt - A Digital Journey Connecting Soils, Plants, and Climate 06/26/2015
Video Southwest Tropical Storms Climatology 10/07/2014
Video El Niño Models - Q&A 10/16/2014