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Type Title Date
Podcast 1075' - Shortage on the Colorado River Ep. 4 - The Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District 08/05/2014
Presentation Decision Making with Uncertainty (Ray Quay) 10/19/2012
Video October 2012 Climate Summary 10/24/2012
Presentation Communicating Climate Change (Susi Moser) 10/18/2012
Video December 2012 Climate Summary 12/20/2012
Podcast August 2013 Southwest Climate Podcast 08/26/2013
Press Bigger, Stronger, and Faster: Climate Change and the Colorado River Basin 01/10/2012
Podcast May 2013 Southwest Climate Podcast 05/01/2013
Presentation The Risk Management Perspective: Lessons from Flagstaff (Kevin Burke) 11/14/2013
Video Drought and Climate Change: A Conversation with Jonathan Overpeck 06/15/2012
Podcast 1075' - Shortage on the Colorado River Ep. 1 - Management of the Colorado River 07/15/2014
Presentation Fundamental Uncertainties in Climate Science (Brad Udall) 10/18/2012
Video SW Climate Assessment Webinar Episode 3 Health Effects and Border Issues 12/05/2012
Video January 2013 Climate Summary 01/23/2013
Podcast February 2013 Southwest Climate Podcast 02/01/2013
Presentation November CLIMAS Colloquium: A Southwest Perspective on Climate Change and Health (Heidi Brown) 11/22/2013
Video January CLIMAS Colloquium: The Emerging New Reality of Megadrought Risk (Jonathan Overpeck) 01/24/2014
Podcast 1075' - Shortage on the Colorado River Ep. 5 - Tucson Water & Muncipal Water Issues 08/12/2014
Presentation Framing Uncertainty in Adaptation Decision Making (Dave White) 10/19/2012
Video September 2012 Climate Summary 09/28/2012
Presentation City of Phoenix Case Study of Climate Adaptation and Resilience (Phil McNeely) 10/18/2012
Video SW Climate Assessment Webinar Episode 6 Energy Impacts and Climate Mitigation 12/13/2012
Podcast October 2013 Southwest Climate Podcast 10/02/2013
Press La Niña Delivers a Second Consecutive Dry Winter 03/20/2012
Podcast October 2012 Southwest Climate Podcast 10/01/2012
Presentation Public Health Concerns (Sharon Harlan) 11/14/2013
Video June 2012 Climate Summary 06/27/2012