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Title Date
Chris Guiterman - CLIMAS Climate and Society Fellow - Presentation Nov 14, 2014 11/14/2014
Sarah Truebe - 2014 CLIMAS Climate & Society Graduate Fellow Final Presentation 11/14/2014
Ling-Yee Huang - 2014 CLIMAS Climate & Society Graduate Fellow 11/14/2014
November CLIMAS Colloquium: A Southwest Perspective on Climate Change and Health (Heidi Brown) 11/22/2013
Climate Projections for the Southwest (Gregg Garfin) 11/14/2013
Water in the West in the 21st Century (Doug Kenney) 11/14/2013
Business Opportunities & Challenges from Climate Change (Diana Liverman) 11/14/2013
Transportation Planning for Climate Change (Benjamin Rasmussen) 11/14/2013
The Risk Management Perspective: Lessons from Flagstaff (Kevin Burke) 11/14/2013
Public Health Concerns (Sharon Harlan) 11/14/2013
Workshop Overview: Regional Climate Summit for Municipal Leaders (Daniel Ferguson) 11/14/2013
Energy Challenges and Opportunities (Nancy LaPlaca) 11/14/2013
Scenario Planning for Addressing Uncertainty (Jim Holway) 10/19/2012
Decision Making with Uncertainty (Ray Quay) 10/19/2012
Framing Uncertainty in Adaptation Decision Making (Dave White) 10/19/2012
City of Tucson Case Study of Climate Adaptation and Resilience (Leslie Ethen) 10/18/2012
Basic Principles and Examples of Climate Adaptation (Kathy Jacobs) 10/18/2012
Communicating Climate Change (Susi Moser) 10/18/2012
Fundamental Uncertainties in Climate Science (Brad Udall) 10/18/2012
City of Phoenix Case Study of Climate Adaptation and Resilience (Phil McNeely) 10/18/2012
Insights from Arizona's Past Climates (Connie Woodhouse) 10/18/2012
City of Flagstaff Case Study of Climate Adaptation and Resilience (Stephanie Smith) 10/18/2012
Brief Overview of Arizona Climate (Gregg Garfin) 10/18/2012
Public Perceptions of Climate Change in the US (Jon Krosnick) 10/18/2012
Anticipating the 2012 Monsoon: Current conditions and forecasts 06/04/2012