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Feature Articles

The following are feature articles that originally appeared in issues of the Southwest Climate Outlook, published monthly by the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS), with support from University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, the Arizona State Climate Office, and the New Mexico State Climate office.

Feature Articles

Title Authors Date Published Year
Increased health woes among climate change impacts M. Lenart 01/2013 2013
Southwest must make choices about future climate M. Lenart 02/2013 2013
The New Normal K. Trenberth 04/2013 2013
Americans’ Perspectives on the Link between Extreme Events and Climate Change Zack Guido; S. White 05/2012 2012
Western States Seed Clouds in Search of New Water Melissa Lamberton 01/2012 2012
The MJO and a Tale of Two Winters Zack Guido 02/2012 2012
Warmer Led to Drier: Dissecting the 2011 Drought in the Southern U.S. JL Weiss; Jonathan T. Overpeck; J. Cole 03/2012 2012
Cinnamon Snow: Flecks of Dust Alter Western Water Supplies Zack Guido 04/2012 2012
The 2012 Monsoon Forecast: A Case for Optimism Zack Guido 06/2012 2012
Droughts, Megadroughts, and More: A Conversation with Jonathan Overpeck Zack Guido 07/2012 2012
Coping with Drought on the Rio Grande Zack Guido 08/2012 2012
The Costs of Drought on the Rio Grande Zack Guido 11/2012 2012
ENSO-Neutral: Another Dry Winter? Zack Guido 11/2012 2012
Climate Change Poses Challenges to Food Security in the Southwest Britain Eakin 04/2011 2011
Dry Winter Escalates Need for Wet Monsoon Zack Guido 05/2011 2011
Forecasting the Monsoon: What to Expect (or not) this Summer Zack Guido 06/2011 2011
Summer Blooms Wait on the Rain Zack Guido 07/2011 2011
A Double-Dip? Mounting Evidence Suggests La Niña Will Return This Winter Zack Guido; Michael A. Crimmins 08/2011 2011
Extreme Events in the Southwest Zack Guido 09/2011 2011
Atmospheric Rivers: Harbors for Extreme Winter Precipitation Zack Guido 12/2011 2011
Climate Change and Water in the Southwest: A summary of a special peer-review article series Zack Guido 01/2011 2011
Deep Freezes: Will future warming paradoxically cause more extreme cold events? Zack Guido 02/2011 2011
Rising temperatures bump up risk of wildfires Zack Guido; M. Lenart 03/2011 2011
Warmer means drier: comparing the 2000s drought to the 1950s drought Zack Guido 02/2010 2010
Monitoring snowpack and forecasting streamflows in the Southwest Zack Guido 03/2010 2010
Keeping pace with warming—can plants and animals move fast enough Zack Guido 05/2010 2010
The 2010 North American Monsoon Forecast: A roundtable discussion with three monsoon experts Zack Guido 06/2010 2010
Climate and fire connections: the 2010 fire season in review and beyond Zack Guido 07/2010 2010
Introducing the Moisture Balance Drought Index M. Lenart; A. Ellis 08/2010 2010
A One-Month Wonder: spottiness and brevity characterize 2010 monsoon season Zack Guido 09/2010 2010
Climate Data Part 3: snow, climate, and stream - flow networks Zack Guido 11/2010 2010
Cattle and climate: Ranching in the arid Southwest Zack Guido 01/2009 2009
Past and present climate Zack Guido 02/2009 2009
Climate data: the ins and outs and where to find what Zack Guido 03/2009 2009
Climate data: the ins and outs and where to find what (Part 2) Zack Guido 04/2009 2009
A warming world interspersed with cooling periods Zack Guido 05/2009 2009
Who’s paying attention to the drought on the Colorado Plateau? Daniel B. Ferguson; Michael A. Crimmins 07/2009 2009
Two or 12 degrees warmer? Greenhouse gas emission scenarios that drive future climate outlooks Zack Guido 08/2009 2009
What do we do now? Important climate change issues vocalized by resource managers Zack Guido 09/2009 2009
The 2009 southwest monsoon: El Niño’s heavy hand Zack Guido 11/2009 2009
Forecast verification: Past, present, and future Julie Malmberg 01/2008 2008
New streamflow forecasts for expert users Kevin Werner 02/2008 2008
A shift toward aridity Stephanie Doster; Daniel B. Ferguson 03/2008 2008
Anticipating summer heat Zack Guido 05/2008 2008
The wet winter and the basins' bathtubs Zack Guido 06/2008 2008
Understanding the southwestern monsoon Zack Guido 07/2008 2008
Phenology, citizen science and Dave Bertelsen Zack Guido 08/2008 2008
Flash floods in city enviroments Zack Guido 09/2008 2008
Powering the Southwest with solar and wind Zack Guido 11/2008 2008
Global warming inspires a look at solar, wind energy Melanie Lenart 01/2007 2007
Global warming in the Southwest: An overview Melanie Lenart 04/2007 2007
How tree rings can help reconstruct streamflow Jeff Lukas; Connie A. Woodhouse 05/2007 2007
Global warming determined to be "unequivocal" Stephanie Doster 06/2007 2007
Arizona drought coming back into focus Gregg M. Garfin 06/2007 2007
New divisions for monitoring and predicting climate Klaus Wolter 07/2007 2007
Cooling systems affect resources, climate, and health Melanie Lenart; Arunima Chatterjee 09/2007 2007
Roundtable discussion on La Niña episode Christopher Castro; David Gutzler; Klaus Wolter; Gregg M. Garfin 11/2007 2007
El Niño: a wild card for climate change impacts Melanie Lenart 01/2006 2006
Grassland dynamics shift with climate fluctuations Melanie Lenart 02/2006 2006
Experts discuss early start to Southwest fire season Rich Naden; Stephen Campbell; Thomas Swetnam; Melanie Lenart 03/2006 2006
Rising temperatures bump up risk of wildfires Melanie Lenart 04/2006 2006
Southwest drought can pack a hefty punch Stephanie Doster 05/2006 2006
Putting the Arizona drought plan into action Stephanie Doster 05/2006 2006
Hurricane intensity rises with sea surface temps Melanie Lenart 06/2006 2006
Monsoon impact on society: the good and the bad Melanie Lenart 07/2006 2006
NWS new local three-month temperature outlook Andrea Bair; Marina Timofeyeva; Jenna Meyers; Annette Hollingshead 08/2006 2006
Population growth, warming, and water supply Melanie Lenart 09/2006 2006
Global warming could affect groundwater recharge Melanie Lenart 11/2006 2006
Biologists bring water to species hurt by drought Susan Simpson 01/2005 2005
Is global warming creeping into Southwest forests? Melanie Lenart 02/2005 2005
Will the drought continue? Melanie Lenart 03/2005 2005
Will April rains bring May flames? Melanie Lenart 04/2005 2005
Tree-ring records inform water management decisions Dustin Garrick; Kathy Jacobs 05/2005 2005
Monsoon could strengthen as climate warms Melanie Lenart 06/2005 2005
Inquiry into monsoon and global warming countinues Melanie Lenart 07/2005 2005
Water, energy, and climate linked in complex ways Melanie Lenart 08/2005 2005
Nature's clock ringing in earlier springs Melanie Lenart 09/2005 2005
How to use the climate Forecast Evaluation Tool Melanie Lenart 11/2005 2005
Climate experts discuss winter and spring forecasts David Brandon; Holly Hartmann; Ed Polasko; Jeff Smith; Klaus Wolter; Melanie Lenart 12/2005 2005
Forecasters expect below-normal East Pacific hurricane activity despite likely El Niño development this season Melanie Lenart 08/2004 2004
Climate experts discuss Southwest drought Julia Cole; David Gutzler; David Meko; Klaus Wolter; Melanie Lenart 09/2004 2004
Salt cedar: Villain or scapegoat when it comes to water use? Melanie Lenart 10/2004 2004
Plan to thin trees in Apache-Sitreaves forest could increase streamflow in short term Melanie Lenart 10/2004 2004
Low flow in the Colorado River Basin spurs water shortage discussion among seven states Melanie Lenart 11/2004 2004
The future Colorado River: Will it deliver? Melanie Lenart 12/2004 2004
Scientists look to ocean for clues about drought Melanie Lenart 01/2004 2004
Ranchers split on supporting grazing permit buyout Melanie Lenart 02/2004 2004
The Arizona Meteorological Network: A Brief Overview Bruce Russell 03/2004 2004
Southwest faces high fire risk despite recent rains Melanie Lenart 04/2004 2004
Beetles devastate forests in response to drought Melanie Lenart 05/2004 2004
Arizona to release drought plan for public comment Joe Gelt 06/2004 2004
Monsoon forecasting could improve following study Melanie Lenart 07/2004 2004
Groundwater resources and climate variability Rebecca Carter 01/2003 2003
Climate, Groundwater, and Population Growth Rebecca Carter 01/2003 2003
Is spring coming earlier in the Southwest? Rebecca Carter 02/2003 2003
A Dry El Niño Winter Nan Schmidt 02/2003 2003
The economic impacts of drought in the Southwest Rebecca Carter 03/2003 2003
Climate, forest management stoke Western wildfires Rebecca Carter 04/2003 2003
Water management in dry times, dry places Rebecca Carter 05/2003 2003
The many dimensions of drought Rebecca Carter 06/2003 2003
Drought Update: Where do we Stand? Rebecca Carter 06/2003 2003
Average winter rains in Arizona could bring drought relief Melanie Lenart 11/2003 2003
Southwestern drought regimes might worsen with climate change Melanie Lenart 12/2003 2003
Southwest drought could persist despite monsoon, El Niño Melanie Lenart 07/2002 2002
El Niño: A focus on variability Melanie Lenart 07/2002 2002
Monsoon brings relief, but not likely to end drought conditions Melanie Lenart; Rebecca Carter 08/2002 2002
Tropical storm impacts on Arizona and New Mexico Rebecca Carter 08/2002 2002
Floods in the Southwest Rebecca Carter 09/2002 2002
Wet winter? Dry winter? What's the scoop? Nan Schmidt 09/2002 2002
PDO: Where will the footprints lead? Rebecca Carter 10/2002 2002
Snowpack in the Southwest Rebecca Carter 11/2002 2002
Climate divisions: To use or not to use? Rebecca Carter 11/2002 2002
Predicting El Niño Nan Schmidt 12/2002 2002
Dreaming of a white Christmas? Rebecca Carter 12/2002 2002