The University of Arizona

Gregg Garfin | CLIMAS

Associate Professor in Climate, Natural Resources and Policy, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Deputy Director for Science Translation and Outreach, Institute of the Environment
Joint Faculty Member, University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Affiliated Faculty Member, School of Geography and Development

Gregg Garfin is Associate Professor in Climate, Natural Resources and Policy, in the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment, and Deputy Director for Science Translation and Outreach in the University’s Institute of the Environment. His training is in geography, climatology, and paleoclimatology. He has worked for the last 13 years to bridge the science-society interface, through dialogues and collaborative projects between scientists and decision-makers. His research focuses on climate variability and change, drought, and adaptation to a changing climate; geographic interests include semi-arid regions, transboundary regions, and monsoon climates. He has convened training workshops for natural resource managers and others, on drought planning, climate change, adaptation planning, drought monitoring, and other climate-related topics. He has had the good fortune to work on climate change adaptation projects with really smart people from NGOs, cities, private consulting firms, academia, and the Federal government.

He serves on the City of Tucson’s Climate Change Advisory Committee, the North American CORDEX Executive Committee, the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program Stakeholder Advisory Committee, and the North American Climate Services Partnership’s Rio Grande Pilot Project Leadership Team. He recently led a 120-author effort to synthesize information on climate change and its impacts in the Southwest, as a contribution to the 2014 National Climate Assessment. He is co-convening lead author for the Southwest chapter in the forthcoming National Climate Assessment.