The University of Arizona

Title Start Date
National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS) – El Paso Region 2016
Preparing for High-Consequence, Low-Probability Events: Heat, Water & Energy in the Southwest 2015
Western Adaptation Alliance – A Collaboration Project for Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Extremes 2014
CLIMAS H.E.A.T. - Heat Extreme AssessmenT - Cascading Effects of Climate Extremes in the Southwest 2014
Using Critical Thresholds to Customize Climate Projections of Extreme Events to User Needs and Support Decisions 2014
Metrics and Measurement of Adaptation 2014
CLIMAS Podcasts & Media 2014
Defining Ecosystem Water Needs and Assessing Impacts of Climate Change and Water Diversion on Ecosystems of the Upper Gila River in New Mexico 2013
Arizona’s Views on Climate Change 2013
Fostering Conducive Conditions for Climate Assessments: Collaborative Scenario Planning and the Colorado River Basin Study 2013
Building Climate Science into Land and Water Conservation Planning and Decision Making in the American Southwest 2012
Transborder Climate Communication 2012
Climate in Context (RISA Book) 2012
Climate Change Analysis for the City of Tucson 2012
CLIMAS Project and Program Evaluation 2012
CLIMAS Contributions to the National Climate Assessment 2011
Managing Demand, Rethinking Supply: Adaptation, Conservation, and Planning in the Drought-prone Southwestern U.S. and Northwest Mexico 2011
La Niña Drought Tracker 2010
Sky Island Climate Adaptation 2010
Knowledge Exchange and Needs Assessment on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Colorado River 2010
Southwest Monsoon Tracker 2010
Dendrochronology in the Tribal Lands of Northeast Arizona 2010
Climate Science for Water Management in Tucson: An Occasional Lecture Series 2009
Border Climate Summary 2009
Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change, Drought, and Water Demand in the Urbanizing Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico 2008
Southwest Climate Change Initiative (SWCCI) 2008
Categorizing Urban Landscapes to Assess Drought Vulnerability 2008
Climate Change Projections and Scenarios for the Southwest 2007
Adaptation Strategies for Water and Energy Sectors in the Southwest 2007
Understanding and Communicating Climate Change in the Southwest 2007
Hydroclimatology & Paleohydrology for Decision Support 2007
Evaluating Climate Assessment and Translational Science Efforts in the US Southwest 2007
Decision Support Tools: CLIDDSS, FET, DDIT, Paleo Toolkit, and Others 2007
Seasonal Climate Briefings and Podcasts 2006
Fire History and Climate 2004
National Seasonal Assessment Workshops for Fire Potential 2003
Arizona Drought Planning and Mitigation 2003
Southwest Climate Outlook (SWCO) 2002
END InSight: El Niño-Drought Initiative 2002
Tree-ring Reconstructions of Past Climate in the Southwest 2000
Ranching and Climate 1999
Outreach & Collaboration - Presentations, Workshops, and Engagement 1999