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Title Year
Farm and Ecological Resilience to Water Supply Variability 2013
Prioritizing Environmental Water Acquisitions: Making the Most of Program Budgets 2013
Measuring, Monitoring, and Enforcing Temporary Water Transfers: Considerations, Case Examples, Innovations and Costs 2012
Climate, Changing Snowpack, and the Future of Winter Recreation 2011
How do Homebuyers Value Different Types of Green Space 2011
Inter-Sectoral Water Trading as a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2011
Adaptation and resilience: the economics of climate, water, and energy challenges in the American Southwest 2011
Climate, Water Availability, Energy Costs, and National Park Visitation 2011
Understanding the Value of Water in Agriculture: Tools for Negotiating Water Transfers 2011
Farmer Participation in Temporary Irrigation Forbearance: Portfolio Risk Management 2010
Innovations for Supply Reliability: Role of Inter-Jurisdictional Agreements 2010
Weather, Climate, and Environmental Water Transactions 2010
Water Market Trends: Transactions, Quantities, and Prices 2010
Habitat Preservation and Restoration: Do Homebuyers have Preferences for Quality Habitat? 2009
Dry-Year Water Supply Reliability Contracts: A Tool for Water Managers 2009
Water Auction Design for Supply Reliability: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation 2009
Snow Days? Snowmaking Adaptation and the Future of Low Latitude, High Elevation Skiing in Arizona, USA 2009
Water Management in Urbanizing, Arid Regions: Innovative Voluntary Transactions as a Response to Competing Water Claims 2009
Influence of Climate Variability on the Market Price of Water in the Gila-San Francisco Basin 2008
Global warming in the Southwest: Projections, Observations and Impacts 2007
Arizona water policy : management innovations in an urbanizing, arid region 2007
Assessing the Value of Adjudications in a World of Uncertainty: an Economic Perspective 2007
Remotely Sensed Proxies for Environmental Amenities in Hedonic Analysis: What Does Green Mean? 2006
An Economic Assessment of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan 2006
Institutions and Incentives to Protect Water-Dependent Amenities 2005
Visitor Values and Local Economic Impacts of Riparian Habitat Preservation: California's Kern River Preserve 2005
Valuing Riparian Amenities 2005
Negotiating tribal water rights : fulfilling promises in the arid West 2005
Market Prices for Water in the Semiarid West of the United States 2004
The Role of Markets in Reallocating Irrigation Water 2004
Water Markets in the Southwest 2004
Braving the currents : evaluating environmental conflict resolution in the river basins of the American West 2004
Economic Characteristics of Successful Environmental Dispute Resolution Outcomes 2003
Economics of Urban Water Demand and Supply 2003
Riparian Areas Generate Property Value Premium for Landowners 2003
Quantifying the Influence of Desert Riparian Areas on Residential Property Values 2002