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Title Start Date
Speaking of Climate...Conversations about Climate, Science, & Society 2015
Southwestern Oscillations (Blog) & Social Media 2014
Climatic Sensitivities of Navajo Forestlands 2014
CLIMAS H.E.A.T. - Heat Extreme AssessmenT - Cascading Effects of Climate Extremes in the Southwest 2014
Developing and Leading a Climate and Health Research Network on the University of Arizona Campus 2013
Planning for Drought in the Warming and Drying Southwest: Drought Indicators to Support Tribal Decision Making in the Four Corners 2013
CLIMAS Project and Program Evaluation 2012
CLIMAS Colloquium Series 2012
CLIMAS Podcasts 2012
Climate in Context (RISA Book) 2012
Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States: a Technical Report Prepared for the U.S. National Climate Assessment 2011
Planning for Local Government Climate Challenges: Connecting Research and Practice 2010
Dendrochronology in the Tribal Lands of Northeast Arizona 2010
Tribal Drought Information for Monitoring, Assessment, and Planning (DRI MAP) 2010
Knowledge to Action: An Assessment of the Transfer of Climate Science to Decision Making 2009
Evaluation of Arizona Drought Watch: The State's Drought Impacts Reporting System 2009
Evaluation of Fire Forecast Products to Enhance U.S. Drought Preparedness and Response 2009
Climate Science for Water Management in Tucson: An Occasional Lecture Series 2009
Understanding and Communicating Climate Change in the Southwest 2007
Evaluating Climate Assessment and Translational Science Efforts in the US Southwest 2007